The Second Ride and Halloween!

This past Friday, the 28th, I had my second lesson with Manny! It was even better than the first one! My mom's friend Brenda came out to help us with Manny. Thanks Brenda!! It was still very muddy so we borrowed the ranger again. We had to get Manny ready this time on our own. … Continue reading The Second Ride and Halloween!


The Second, First Ride!

  On the 21st, something pretty incredible happened... Let's back up to the previous week. I wasn't able to see Manny for over a week due to the weather, mud, and exams. So when Jill Jardie texted me, I jumped at the chance! After over at least 2 months of not riding Manny (at PARDS or … Continue reading The Second, First Ride!

The Most Awesome Birthday and the Thermox session

On October 10, it was my birthday. I wanted to spend some time working with Manny (of course, right! Who wouldn't!?). So Dale and I went out to Sally's. I am unable to walk him up and down the hill due to the mud and ice now, so from this point on, Manny's exercises only included; lunging, his tummy scratch … Continue reading The Most Awesome Birthday and the Thermox session