A Glimpse Into Us


I had quite a few horses over the years, but none quite like Manny, or Zolman MV as he is known in the dressage showing and video competition world. Manny is a Grey Trakenher Gelding that stands at a 16.2HH. Manny was born in 1998. When Stephanie Golder (my instructor at the time) told me that she was bringing this big, fancy, grey horse for me to ride and showed me a picture of him, I thought she was insane! I thought “you want me, to ride that?! Your crazy!” She saw something that I couldn’t, and for that, thank you Steph!

I still remember the first ride with Manny. When I first started with him, I mounted at the ramp and I remember my mom having to literally throw me on because he started walking away! Now, you would never guess that!

Today, we have 7 video competitions behind us with a two day show last year. Last week I got told that he was retiring from PARDS and that Heather Hoggan, who was his former owner, was taking him back. He has issues with his SI joint and wasn’t able to be ridden. As I was his main girl at PARDS he fell out of shape.  I texted her it a frantic manner to see what was going to happen with Manny. She said that he would be in Grande Prairie for one day and then probably off to Edmonton to be a companion horse. I was a mess! This horse means everything to me! Little did I know, he was going to be mine!


The day I met Manny
The day I received Manny




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