From Cranky to Crazy and Happy

Donkey Boy!

It has been a crazy and wonderful week with the main guy! We went from the cranky pony, to the crazy boy, to the suck all in two weeks! When I went to see Manny last week, he was crazy! All of his manners went out the window. Paige and I went out to work with Manny on Sunday, October 2. Mud is not a wheelchair users best friend, so when we went to go get Manny from his paddock, it wasn’t a surprise when I got stuck. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much with Manny outside. I couldn’t take his blanket off or give him immediate love after he came out. I even brought sugar cubes to use to teach him to keep his head down so eventually I can put and take his halter off independently. So Paige brought Manny out and tied him to the fence to take his blanket off. He was slipping, I was stuck and he was being a brat with Paige!


After Paige got Manny set, she walked him to the grass, tied him, and came to save me! I couldn’t walk him up and down the hill because it was too muddy. So I thought I would groom, lunge, and do his back exercises in the indoor arena, but Manny deviated us from my plan a little bit.

Once we got to the indoor and shut the door I started grooming Manny. He’s a mess! Even with blankets he still manages to get filthy! He did not stand still! Usually when I brush him he doesn’t move! I figured he just needed to get some energy out. So I decided to lunge him. He started on Previcox the day before and must be feeling better because as soon as I said trot, he cantered! We really need to work on his listening skills again! He was running and bucking! I’ve never seen Manny do this so he even freaked me out a bit! I called Sally down to show me how to handle him when he gets like this. He puts his head up so high and loses focus to when he did that, Sally just tugged the lead rope a bit to refocus him. Also he gets bored and worried. So she said we have to give him a job when he gets like that. Make him back up 5 steps then walk forward and turn, ect. The thing is, he has to learn that sometime the job is to stand. To needless to say, “the rule of 5” did not happen that day.crazy-man

On Tuesday, October 4th, he got shoes! He was already in the barn stall when my mom and I arrived. He looks so big in those stalls! When we took him out he belined it for me! I think he’s learning that he’s mine. He was only used to seeing me once a week for 45 minutes. Now its at least 2 times a week, if not more, for hours. My mom held him while Britini was getting him measured for shoes. He couldn’t quite see me and started moving and looking for me. As soon as he saw me though he calmed right down and put his head in my face like “is it okay?”

When Britini was shoeing him, he looked like a dragon! It was pretty intense! The mud needs to go away soon! I need to go work with Dragon boy! But I must say that he did look mighty spify in his new shoes for about 3.4 seconds, until he walked outside


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