The Most Awesome Birthday and the Thermox session

On October 10, it was my birthday. I wanted to spend some time working with Manny (of course, right! Who wouldn’t!?). So Dale and I went out to Sally’s. I am unable to walk him up and down the hill due to the mud and ice now, so from this point on, join-upManny’s exercises only included; lunging, his tummy scratch (back exercises), working on his putting his head lower and not having his giraffe neck, and his overall manners.

Lunging him was crazy this time! He was right in front, facing me, so I tapped him on the left front shoulder to try to get him to go right but he went left. He needs to work on directions! When Manny went to the end of the arena where Dale was, he thought he was done and decided to stop. I think I spooked him a bit when I hit the tassels of the whip on the ground, because he jumped and cantered  off. I’m getting better at not spooking him when he gets into corners thanks to Laurie Prichuk, but that’s for other blog!

I also need to figure out where I need to be to get him to go in the direction I want versus unintentionally telling him to switch directions by being to far in front of Manny and that is a fine line! I want to eventually be able to park my wheelchair or sit in a regular chair in the middle of the area and free lunge Manny without having to chase him.

Every time I work with him his manners improve! He only gets treats now when he is on dalethe left side of the flag and his head has to be down. I’m so lucky to have a horse as patient as Manny for my first horse and great family and friends to take me out to him and enable and help me work with the big guy! We had a very good day! Thanks Dale!

On October 11, Manny got spoiled by Cheryl Brown and got a Thermox treatment! Paige and I went out a bit early to work with him. I have always wanted to try to do a join up with him!  So I started lunging him and then I turned in. Manny stopped, and turned his head in and stayed out on the wall for 6 minutes. I don’t think I lunged him enough for it to work so I crinkled the bag of treats a bit, but not much, and he came! I’m not sure if this counts or not but I’m going to say yes! I’m going to try this again just as soon as I can get my wheelchair to the arena again (mud).

When Cheryl got to Sally’s we brought him up to the barn to start his Thermox session. Cheryl brought him in the stall, tied him, then started with her magic!

The Thermox suit is a big, bright, yellow blanket with a hood. Manny looked like a giant bumblebee! He was adorable! The Thermox suit uses infrared heat to heats up the muscles and loosen’s them, gets the blood flowing to sore spots, and helps digestion. He was in the suit for an hour! Cheryl did this before on Manny at PARDS and he loves it! She did two sessions of this. One of October 11 and the next one on October 13. It seemed to have helped because what happened on October 21 was pretty amazing! Thanks Cheryl!






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