The Rule of 5 and the Cranky Pony

manny-4Last Monday, my mom and I went out to work with Manny and Jill. Once Manny is gets stronger and rideable, Jill is going to coach us and get us on the #roadtojapan2020! She just wanted to see where Manny was at. We started in the outdoor arena and Manny and I showed off our lunging ability! I think its so cool how I can lunge him and he just goes! He was having a bit of a hard time trotting outside so we moved to the indoor.

Before we tried lunging again, Jill showed me that if I scratch Manny’s belly, he lifts up his back. Sort of like a cat. This will help strengthen his back and hopefully get him into riding shape again. I couldn’t dig my fingers hard enough into his belly so we tried it with a hoof pick. When I did this, I had to be practically right under Manny which we didn’t like. It was suggested that I get a back scratcher with a extendable handle, that way I wouldn’t have to be right under him.  I have to do 5 of those and walk him up and down the hill 5 times. The next time I went out there (the28th) it worked way better with the back scratcher! manny-5

With lunging in the indoor, the dirt was to soft and deep for my chair to go through. Jill gave me a lunge whip with paper tassels on the end and she took another one and went to the other end. He was way better in the soft dirt, he even cantered! I’ve never saw Manny canter before! So it was decided that needed front horse shoes. Every time he would come down to my end of the arena, it was like he was saying “save me mom!” and tried to come over to me. Haha that’s right, I am his mom! I’m really hoping that they and the Previcox and horse shoes manny-3help because on Wednesday when Paige and I went out, Manny was not a happy camper.

I have never seen Manny as cranky has he was on Wednesday the 28. It was sad. He was such a rock star when I was taking his blanket off, until he started walking on the gravel. He did not want to walk at all and was stiff. Not even apples would get him moving, and apples are his absolute favorite. His ears were pinned back and refused to move. I think we only did 4 of the 5 walk up the hill exercises. I felt like a bad horse mom. Even when we took him in the arena to be groomed he wouldn’t stand still, and usually he doesn’t move! However, he did put up with our selfies!


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