The Trotting, Cantering, Most Awesome Horse!

image It has been a great week with Manny! On Saturday October 8th, Heather and I went out to work with Manny. It was so much fun! Heather had to get Manny from his paddock because it was and is, way to muddy for me to get there. He came right up to her! When I have been going out, my people have been undoing Manny’s halter buckle. Heather showed me that there was a clip that makes it way easier to get the halter on! The clip is facing the wrong way for me to be able to clip it so we are going to find somebody to flip the clip around and possibly attach it to something with a bit of stretch if need be! The more I work with Manny, with different people, the more I figure out!

Heather had to walk him down to the arena because I had to pin it in my chair or get stuck! Once we got in the arena, we started working on his manners. He is better than he was, but still can improve. I led him around with the lead rope with my flag on the back of my chair. I can’t believe how well this works at keeping him on the left side of me! We are working with him so that he stays beside me and out of my personal space unless invited in. So, we broke up cookies and every time he would stop on the left

The Flagging System

side, just behind me I would pull out a cookie and give it to him on the left side. But! In order for him to get his cookie, he has to lower his head and keep in down long enough for me to get the cookie out. This did not take long for him to figure out! The waiting game was a bit tough for him though! When I unhooked the lead rope, he still walked right beside me on the left side! Smart cookie! I love how he does this! By the end he figured out what the word “down” means!

When I went to get the whip, he knew it was time to trot! Without me even saying trot or shaking the whip, he started trotting! He looks so good trotting, but I need to work with Manny on his listening skills!

Then Heather put him on a lunge line to show me what muscles to look for and what we want to look for. It was cool seeing his muscles move properly.  I could not ask for a better horse or a better team of people to help me and team me the ropes of horse ownership!

I wonder if there is a way I could lunge him on a lunge line with only using my left arm and not getting caught up in the lunge line. I may have some experimenting to do!!

Oh, And ready for some really good news? Jill saw the video of him trotting and cantering and said she sees a riding lesson happening next week!!!


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