The Second Ride and Halloween!

Thanks for coming Brenda!

This past Friday, the 28th, I had my second lesson with Manny! It was even better than the first one! My mom’s friend Brenda came out to help us with Manny. Thanks Brenda!! It was still very muddy so we borrowed the ranger again. We had to get Manny ready this time on our own. So we got all of his stuff, put it in the ranger and went. Then we got Manny. Brenda walked Manny down to the arena while mom and I went in the ranger.


While Brenda got Manny into the arena, mom helped me walk in. We got Manny’s blanket off, then I started brushing him. It was harder to brush him as I was just sitting in a normal chair. Much easier when I am in my chair, but we made it work. After we got most of the dirt and mud off him, we had a bit of time before we had to tack up and Jill arrived, so I decided to lunge Manny. I should have listened to my gut telling me that he would do this, but I ignored it. I couldn’t roll with him as I was sitting in a lawn chair. I asked someone to pass me a whip and Manny trotted off like he was supposed to. But then, it happened. He stopped trotting and started walking in circles, then dropped and he rolled. Of course he did that (wait until you hear about the great roll of 2015! Stephanie and I were not happy campers!)

So we brushed him off, again. By that time Jill was there. She brought a couple different sets of reins to eliminate the need for knots in mine. She also brought a bucket hanger (I’ll get to that later). We got him tacked and we were ready for our second lesson.

When I was climbing on, Manny was fidgeting a bit while the process was happening. When my mom was wrapping my right arm up he moved away a bit, but this will all come back with time. This was an awesome lesson! Manny’s walk reminded me of his show walk at the Cygnet Dressage Show in 2015! I’m not sure if it’s because Sally’s arena is bigger or it it’s because of the Previcox. Jill’s getting me to ride more with my seat and not do so much neck reining. This works different parts of my body and different muscles so there were about 5 or 6 times I thought I was going to end up in the dirt! Hopefully that feeling goes away soon!

With not using my rein so much, I had to learn how to stop Manny with my seat. By the end of the lesson, Jill said to halt and we did it with barely any rein! Woo!! That was a pretty cool achievement!

With 20m circles, this is going to take some work. I had troubles with them at PARDS and I still have troubles with them. A neat thing with Manny through (sometimes a pain), you can’t do the same thing over and over. It’s not that he gets bored, it’s that he takes over and does the task on his own! Heather was telling me a while ago that she was going a test with him and accidentally dropped the reins and Manny finished the test! However, all though this is not exactly good, it helps me. Right circles are hard for me as my right side of my body doesn’t work right. Manny compensates for that! Jill said to break the circle into 8th and to just ride that part of the circle, then the next, and so on. This helped tremendously!

At the end of the lesson, Manny walked me back to my chair like normal. This is where the bucket hanger comes in. Jill clipped a carabiner to the bucket hanger then clipped it to Manny’s bit ring of the left side. I hung onto the bucket hanger and Manny walked me back to the chair! It worked wonderfully!! It had just enough give but not so much that I would fall! I think Manny was pretty happy too!

So, since Halloween was coming, I wanted to do something and use Manny in my costume. Originally, I was going to make him into a unicorn, but I didn’t quite have time to make the horn. Next year! So I improvised! I thought who was the most awesome Disney horse? So we were Flynn Rider and Maximus!!




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