Liberty Horse In Training!

Now that I can actually get my chair down to the arena, I’m trying to take advantage and get out to see Manny as much as possible! So, that is exactly what Anita and I did on the 12th! We went and played in the mud!!

kissesOn our way out there, in started to spit. But we both thought it would pass. And it did! We got out there, Anita went and got Manny for me because it is still really mucky in his pen. And of course he was being a goof with trying to get his halter on. He sticks his head up like a giraffe so nobody can get it. We are working on that…

When she got it on, Anita brought him to me for some lovin’! I asked her to walk Manny down to the arena as I had to go fast or I probably would have got stuck! Once we got to the arena, I took Manny’s blanket off and looked at how much grooming I had to do! He was filthier than he was on Friday! We made in to the arena just in time! The rain started to come, I think it freaked Manny out a little because he was antsy. I put him to work a bit, and he was fine!

I started to groom him, however, it didn’t do much! He is stained brown! His whole back leg is black! I have come to the realization that I am never going to have a clean horse! Small price to pay! When I’m brushing him though, he still moves to the side. I can’t blame him because that’d how I move him over. We are still working on him being able to differentiate the two!

After, I started walking him, on the lead at first as it was still raining. He was so good! He just needed a job! So I threw the lead rope over his neck and he just followed me. I love how he just goes with me! Then I started to lunge him. I thought he would be crazy because of the rain, but nope! He continues to surprise me!! He even cantered and trotted on cue!

Next we worked on me being able to put his halter on! Since my lead rope is tied to make ithaulter shorter, his head fits through the hole so he can’t go roll or walk away! I put the halter on my lap, as loose as it goes, then I put a treat in the nose hole of the halter on my lap. Manny has to stick his nose through the halter to get the treat! However, he doesn’t keep his head low long enough and he picks his head up just when I have the halter all most at his ears. I don’t know what I can do to get him to keep him head low longer. Any ideas?

Next Anita and I were trying to teach him two new things! I really want him to do more liberty activities! I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing and I think Manny thinks I’m crazy,  but it seems to be working! He already follows me without being lead. The next thing I want him to do is to stand 10 steps or so away from me as a back up, then when I give him the cue, I want him to walk (eventually trot) over to me! How cool would that be!! I also want to teach him that when I’m in my chair, facing him, when I pick up my left leg, he picks up his right! Like a mirror! By the end of the first go, Anita just had to touch his leg!

Since we are teaching Manny what personal space is, and my arm can only reach so far to poke him, on Friday, they give me a long whip just to poke him with to get him to back up. Well! On Saturday, I only had to put my hand up and say back! I didn’t even have to poke him!

I also found out that it is a lot easier for me to walk with him when he’s in his bridle and not is halter. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s an association thing for him? I didn’t eat dirt but it was a lot harder.

We shall see how all of this goes tomorrow!!! apples





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