The Loveable Fuzzball

img_0520-copyOn Tuesday the 15, Paige and I went to go work with Manny. As she was getting his halter from the barn, I went over to the paddock to see Manny. I noticed that he was in his shelter and didn’t come to see me. This was very odd of him. It was even odder when I called his name and shook the bag of treats I had and he still didn’t come. I knew something was off right then and there.

Paige went trudging through the mud to get Manny. I gave her a treat to coax him into putting his head down for her to get his halter on. I think that this was the best haltering since I got him! He lowered his head and she put it on him without a problem!

After they came out from the pens, Paige brought Manny over to me to say hi. He was much more loving than normal. I didn’t think anything of it at first. img_0514

Paige brought Manny down to the arena and I took off his blanket and groomed him. Now, Manny is normally pretty loving, but I have not seen him nearly as loving as he was on Tuesday. I swear if he could have climbed into my lap he would have! Now, here’s where things start to get really weird and almost concerning. I started to free lunge him and normally, he just trots off like he’s suppose to or goes full-blown canter and bucks and kicks. I had to literally smack him on the butt to get him to walk! Once he got into a corner, he stopped and just stared at the wall. He trotted a bit but not like he normally does. Something was very off.

img_0528-copySo I thought, ‘okay, we’ll try something else. Now, if you know Manny and have seen my previous PARDS video’s, you will know that Manny always follows me without a lead rope and loves his cookies. We did not teach him this (although he did encourage it!). So, I went up beside him, tossed the lead rope over his neck and started to roll forward. He didn’t follow me. He just stood there as if saying, “Haha no mom. Just love”. I lead him around and attempted to do our old dressage test (doing it for 2 years), thinking that might trigger something. NOPE! Still lazy as ever! He had absolutely no interest in cookies either.

We worked on some more of the liberty training with him! He’s really getting the hang of it! All Paige had to do this time was tickle his leg and he picked it up with mine! Now to get him to lift it higher, longer, and without assistance!

I realized that we weren’t really going to be doing anything too much today, so I took advantage of my mellow pony and Paige took some very cool pictures of us and I, of course, took selfies. I mean, hey! I have to get Manny back to knowing how to pose for selfies again! My poser!

Love you dude!

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