Liberty Horse in the Making!

Yesterday, was the most chilliest, most amazing, day with Manny! My mom and I braved the cold to go visit the boy. Its suppose to get really cold this week so we bundled up and took advantage of the day.

When we got to Sally’s, we were greeted by Sally’s massive dog Boomer! He looks like he’s going to eat you every time you go out there! After we unloaded, mom was talking to Sally and said that I should go see if I can get my chair down to the arena. Even the dog didn’t want to come with me!

When I got back to the top, mom went and got Manny. He was being such a dork with his halter. We still have some work to do with that!

Mom brought Manny out and came to see me. She walked him down to the arena because I had to pin it so I wouldn’t get stuck. Once we got in the arena, we tried to take Manny’s blanket off but he was really antsy and wouldn’t stand still long enough for us to take it off, so we just let him run with it on for a bit. And run he did!

After he sort of calmed down, I called him over and we took off his blanket. He was still really hyped out so he didn’t get groomed. We figured that was the safer bet!

So after he had a good roll, I went to free lunge him. I got the whip and told him to trot, and he just started running and bucking and kicking. I have not seen him this crazy! When I was still in the middle, Manny went over by mom and just walked. All mom said was, “go on” and he took off cantering! He was crazy! Mom told me to come in the corner with her and just let him run.

After he got all his wiggles out, he came over for cookies and we went for a walk. I threw the lead rope over his neck and away we went.

We walked, did some halt and backup work. Its funny how every time I go out there, in the beginning I need to poke him to get him to back up. But by the end of the session, I can usually just say “back” and he goes back!

Now the cool part! For at least a year, (he was still at PARDS with Steph) I’ve wanted him to trot beside me in my chair without a lead rope. Not in front, not behind, not veered off. But right beside me. He would pick up the pace, but never break into the trot.

Until now…

I was coming from letter A to go to C on the right side of the arena, on the inside. Manny was on the left side following me. Once we were straight, I said “trot!” and went a bit faster in my chair, and to my absolute surprise, he picked up the TROT!

He stayed right with me until the end, where he veered off a bit, but he did it!! I was so happy!

We did this a couple times. On our final try, because everyone was getting cold, we walked down to the far end of the arena, and came up the middle. Once we were straight I said “trot” again and clucked and he picked it up! This time staying right WITH me! It was a pretty cool feeling!

After this, because we were all cold, we put his blanket on and went to go take him up to his pen. Mom and Manny went first. Once we were outside, I got stuck. Manny obviously did not like that I was taking so long because he let out a buck and a kick on the lead rope! He never does that! Mom cracked him with the lead rope and he smartened up after that and was a big suck up!

Anyone who thinks he’s “too big” for me, or “too much” for me, obviously doesn’t know us! I will give it to you that he is big and it is kind of freaky when he bucks and kicks but he’s pretty damn special. I had my doubts about making him into a liberty horse a few times, but after yesterday, pfft! He can do anything! Like really? What can’t this horse do?We truly are the #paradressagedreamteam



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