Manny; The Red Nose Reindeer?

On Tuesday, December 21th, my mom and I headed out to see Manny! Today was the day I was going to see just how much Manny could put up with from me! 

We got out to Sally’s and mom went to get Manny. She brought him over for some cookies and love, then we headed down to the arena. I was going full out, trying not to get stuck, but I ended up getting stuck anyway! Mom tied Manny to a fence panel and came to the rescue! Manny was surprisingly good standing tied! After the time before (the buck and kick incident) I wasn’t too sure he w he would be with waiting. He was way! Very low key. We figured out that Manny gets worried or anxious with he can’t see me. So I have to go into and out of the arena first. That seems to help. Once we got in, mom shut the door and we took off his frozen blanket. He’s getting so fuzzy! I love it! He looks so cute with his frozen whiskers! He had a cut on his lower right back leg a couple weeks ago, so I just walked him around the arena that see if it was going to open up. It looked fine. There was some new stuff in the arena so I unhooked the lead rope and let Manny go check it out. I got the whip and free lunged him for a few minutes. He didn’t seem like he had anything to get out of his system so I put the whip away and got him to follow me around the arena. 

Then I tried to get him to trot beside he like last time. I think he was thinking, “nope!” And he just walked. Remember a couple weeks ago, when  I wrote that I could just stay point at Manny’s chest and say, “back”? Well, we have to work on that a bit more! Every time it takes a few times of me having to poke him in the chest to remind him. I think this summer when I can get out there more regularly, he’ll get it! 

Now, I want to teach Manny that when I’m beside him and I pick up my leg, he mirrors me. I’m just not sure which of his legs he should mirror with. I have watched several videos and looked through pictures and all of them are different! We’ll keep working on it once I figure it out! 

So, now that I have a horse, I want to do all the tacky horse owner stuff. We were Flynn Rider and Maximus for Halloween and for Christmas, he was my reindeer! Haha he was NOT  impressed but he dealt with it for me! And he rocked it!


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