Manny, the Amazing!

Britney and I went to see Manny on the 21, 22, and 28! On the 28 he was amazing! Tina worked on him on the 27th and that seemed to help him out a lot!

On the 21, he was a bit of a basket case at first! Britney lunged him before I did anything with him. It seems to help. When I just free lunge him, he runs around like a basket case and doesn’t listen or respond to me. If I say “trot”, he canters. If I say “easy” he canters! But if I get someone to work him on the lunge line for 10-15 minutes then free-lunge, he’s way better!

I’m starting him on hemp oil so I hope that will calm him down a bit!

We more or less did the same things on the 28 and 29. After Britney lunged him, (for the second time) I wanted to try something! I wanted to see if I could lunge him on the line! Manny looked at me like I was crazy!

So, Britney tried it first to see what he would do. Then I took the line and Manny instantly came to me in the middle (such a good boy, but not what I wanted!) Britney pushed him out, but he came in again. Britney walked around with him so he would get the idea.

Now, I’m sitting in my chair, stationary. Normally people face horses when lunging. I tried to drive my chair around in a circle but I kept dropping the line or couldn’t, so we tried something else! I think I confused the heck out of Manny! I took the end of the line and tucked it in my img_1193knees and put the remaining line on my lap. I followed Manny walking with my arm going around the upper part of my body in a circle. The worst he did was stop when he was behind me. To keep him going, Britney walked around with him, she came closer and closer to me then sat on the ground by my chair then she left completely and Manny was walking around me on his own! I held the line loosely so the bigger Manny made the circle, the line would follow instead of me having to drop it and re-grab it again. The only thing that was hard was when he made the circle smaller and having to gather the line. He even threw in a little trot but listened well when I said walk! We will get to trot later bud!

Then we unhooked the line and I free-lunged Manny. Way better this time! I had to chase him to get him going! He went a bit but then he was done!

We put him back on the lunge line to get him use to it with me. It’s hard for me to get him going because he’s so use to following me, but once Britney and I got him going, he was great! I was lunging him on my own at a walk! This is something I never thought I could do with any horse! But we all know that Manny isn’t just any horse!

Next, we worked on something that I’ve been working on forever! “The leg pick up” I got a small crop, threw the lead rope over Manny’s neck and went beside him. I picked up my left foot, and tapped just above his hoof with the crop and said “foot” and he picked up his foot! How cool is that!! I’ve wanted to teach him that since September and he’s getting it in all of 4 times doing it! The next thing is to get him to lift in higher and longer! Once he gets that, I want to teach him to do it without the whip and put his foot out forward and up! Who knew I’d be doing this stuff with Manny!

The second day of me lunging him of the lunge line was already better than the first day! He was already figuring out that he couldn’t stop when he was behind me! I just have to figure out a way that I can send him out on my own and how to pull the lunge line back in when it gets too long.

img_1224So now,  he;

  • follow me at a walk
  • trot freely by my side
  • stay to the left of the flag
  • free lunge
  • carry me for tackles rides
  • stand when I dismount
  • help me walk back to my chair
  • doesn’t dump me off at a trot
  • neck reins
  • lunges on a line with me (walk)
  • picks up his feet
  • dressage
  • walks on a lead rope with me
  • enables me to show

And the list continues! What can’t he do! If you told me he would do all this 2 years ago, I would have laughed! I love this boy! He’s truly my heart horse!img_1213



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