Time Flys!

manToday marks 6 months that I have owned Manny! I know right?! It’s crazy how fast it went!

6 months ago, Manny was not rideable. His SI joint was a problem and he was overweight and not very happy. There were times that I was afraid that he wouldn’t get to where he is now. There were times when I thought that I wouldn’t even sit on him again, much less ride him! I went out with Paige early on and we literally had to drag him up the small hill at Sally’s. Now, even in winter, he doesn’t struggle with it noticeably (hills will always be hard).

6 months ago, he was on 1 tab of Previcox, once a day. Now, he’s cut back to half a tab every few days because he was acting too “ponyish” for me to work with! To free lunge him 6 months ago I had to literally tap his butt to get him to move! Now, I shake the whip and say trot and he trots! Or if he’s being cheeky, he’ll think “trot” means canter.

It took exactly 33 days to get Manny in shape for me to ride him.ย  The things that he’sย figured out with me and how he’s adapted to be being more than just his rider is incredible! What I can do with him is more that I thought would be physically possible for him, or me! “Pasture companion horse” pfft! More like dressage-liberty-most awesome horse ever!

I’m so greatful to the team of people that made this new life of Manny and I’s possible! I still find it the coolest thing ever that I can go see and work with him as much as I want. I thought we had a good bond when he was at PARDS, its more than doubled that now! I never thought that I would be able to lunge him of a lunge line independently or teach him to pick his foot up in a matter of 2 days working with him. I still think he thinks I’m crazy, but, he must be just as crazy! He’s the one that does it with me!

So thank you again to everyone who made this awesomeness possible and thank you to everyone for all your love and support on the #roadtojapan2020 !img_1065


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