Overcoming Obstacles

img_0085For this to make sense, we have to go back in time. About two months ago, when Manny was on a higher dose of Previcox my mom and I were out at the barn. I was free lunging him like I did many times before. He was over by the door with mom from cantering around then he stopped. I came over to get him out. Next think I know, he goes to run. I was at the quarter line and Manny turned and ran towards me, then dodged. As if he was playing chicken with me. Playing chicken with a 16.3hh horse is not what I wanted! It didn’t bother me at the time but after I thought about it, it did freak me out a bit. It was then I decided to cut him back on his Previcox and start hemp oil

I went to go free lunge him again on a different day, Manny was completely perfect, yet still I was nervous. I was nervous around my own horse. Manny could feel it too. He wouldn’t follow me, wouldn’t do any of the things that we normally did. This was an awful feeling. We worked on him picking up his foot, gave him a brush, some treats and got ready to leave.  I said the next time I go out, I’m going to get over  myself and rebond with Manny, and that’s exactly what happened

On Friday the 24, Britney and I headed out to the barn to go hang out this Manny. I was determined to get over myself and not be leary of my own horse. So Britney and I went to get the Manster from his pen and headed to the arena. We took off his blanket and Britney lunged him to get some of his energy out.  Then I unhooked the line and got my flag on my chair and grabbed a long whip. I do not use the whip with the tassels on it like normal. I grabbed the long dressage type whip and started with Manny. I was a bit nervous so I had Britney come in the middle with me. Manny was listening wonderfully so I told Britney she could go to the side. This felt wonderful. I could feel my nerves vanishing and Manny and I were great!

We also worked on him picking up his foot. Well, Manny was being cheeky and when I tapped his left front foot and lifted my foot, and instead on lifting his front left foot, he picked up his back left foot! It’s not reverse psychology Manny!!

There were poles set up in the arena just off the wall. I have always wanted to figure out how to trot Manny over them. So I img_0086asked Britney if she could put them on the track. After everything was set up, I started to free lunge Manny at the trot, and he trotted over the poles. Then we up’d our game and I asked Manny to canter. And let me tell you that Manny cantering over poles is just plain beautiful! Like holy!!

We were almost done for the day. To wrap everything up, I lunged Manny on the lunge line again, at a TROT!! I’ll post the video soon! He’s so good! I figured out that if I face the opposite way that I have been facing (face the corner he likes to cut in on) he doesn’t pull my arm back so much! It’s crazy to think just by turning my chair the other way, it helped so much!!

After this, I wanted to go for a walk. Manny is not used to me walking with him when he’s in his halter. He’s getting better though! I asked Britney to hold my hand just in case I fell. We got to the quarter line and my legs just gave. I had nothing left. My knees caved and I ended up in the dirt on my knees. And Manny? Oh he just stopped, like, “moms down!” and we hung out for a bit. I have never been on my knees with Manny. He’s so tall!  He just stood there. We even got a picture!

We got me up and to my chair. It was starting to get dark so we got Manny ready to go and shared the rest of his apples and took him back to his pen. It was a fabulous day!!

When your head is at your horse’s shoulders…

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