Third Ride in the Corvette!

manny 4Last Friday, the 28, Britney and I headed out to the barn to see Manny. Since he is kicked out in the field as of April 25, I texted Sally earlier to see if she could bring him in. Then I had an idea! Now, I haven’t been able to ride in a while so I asked Sally if she would be able to help with getting me on my white steed for a ride and she said she would!

When we got to the barn, we got Manny and headed for the arena. I was curious to see what Manny was like with being off his hemp oil. He was a bit antsy but I figure that having 30 acres to run on should balance out with not being on hemp. I asked Britney to lunge him first as it was windy and raining on the tin roof. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ride then but Manny surprisingly did good! Then I lunged him. I figured if I could lunge him and have him listen, I could ride him. And sure enough, he was great!

I texted Sally that we were just tacking up if she wanted to brave the rain and come on manny 2down! Britney and I groomed Manny, then started tacking up. There’s not much I can help with when tacking up a 17 hh horse so that’s why I’m super happy that Manny is such a good boy about…his saddle pad! How I put it on him is I park my chair beside him, turn the saddle pad over, then whip it on. I don’t understand why he freaks out over tarps flapping, but a saddle pad flapping? He’s like “K mom, I’ll just stand here”. Britney didn’t even have to hold him! I love it! We just got that on when Sally showed up. Britney put my saddle on him, then we figured out the new stirrups. They are like a boot so that if Manny decides that he doesn’t like me riding him and throws me, I just fall and am not worried about getting my feet out and getting dragged.

After getting set, Sally lined the  steed up to the block and Britney helped me up. Sally stood on the right side of him to help my leg over and I was on! Easier than I thought it would be! I decided not to wrap my right arm up and see how that went. Manny was fine with it, so what’s the difference.

manny 4We started with Britney leading because I haven’t rode him in a while, then we unhooked and she just walked beside us, then went to the middle and we were on our own! It’s like a switch goes on in Manny’s head from when we are playing to when we are riding. Just like the switch that goes on for competition or show mode. He’s more careful when I’m riding, more focused and not distracted. He doesn’t move at noises, or tarps, like when I’m doing ground work. It’s pretty neat!

After him and I got all limbered up, I wanted to trot. Out of all the horses that I have ridden, Manny’s trot is by far the hardest. It’s big, and bouncy, yet smooth. I still can’t believe I trotted the whole arena at PARDS. Now I have issues making it down the long side of the arena But! That’s the good thing about him being mine! I can go ride, and practice anytime I want!

We started with Britney leading him, then jogging beside us, then meeting us at the half way mark, until we trotted the long side of the arena alone. I tried to trot the long side, turn up the middle and go down center line all at a trot but Manny died out after the long side. I figure he’s taking too good of care of me!

I don’t know how much I trotted that day but it was more than I have trotted since I’ve owned him! It was pretty cool! After this I took his for a walk to cool him out before dismounting.

Once on the ground, I wanted to walk with Manny how I did in the very beginning. By holding onto the saddle pad and walking beside him. This went good! He needed some carrot motivating but after he remembered we were golden! He got me safely back in my chair with a bit of help from Britney and he got his carrots!

manny 3





One thought on “Third Ride in the Corvette!

  1. Thats awesome 🙂 Next time it is rainy or windy you should take him in the arena and brush him 🙂 Its like killing 2 birds with one stone. Desensitizing him and spending time with your best friend at the same time 🙂

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