The Day I’ve Been Waiting For!

blogAs most of you know, Manny has been in the field for a month and I haven’t been able to ride him much do to behavioural issues. He would whinny every time we had him in the arena, he would just want to canter and canter on the lunge line, and wasn’t listening very good so this made it hard for me to work with him, much less ride him. The one day I did ride him, my mom had to pull me off him after 5 minutes! At least he waited to lose his mind until after I got off! After, Britney lunged him and he cantered, and cantered, and cantered. Then when we put him back in the field he ran off back to his buddies!

In the time that he was in the field, we did a lot of lunge work and liberty work to keep his mind occupied and focused on me and not being with his friends. I asked Britney to set up poles and lunge him over them so he would actually have to think about picking up his feet and not just cantering around like a basket case. This actually worked pretty good. He tried to avoid them at all means necessary but it did keep his mind focused.

Then the next week I asked Alex, who is a lady that rides him for me, to give him a shot blog 2of hemp oil and then when we went out, Britney gave him a shot before we started working with him. Even with getting hemp oil two days a week helped immensely! I was able to do more ground work on my own with him without him whinnying and loosing focus. So I lunged him over trot poles and worked on him picking up his feet. Then I got really brave! I asked Britney to set up cones in a line, I threw the lead rope over his neck and I weaved my chair in and out of the cones and Manny followed me! Then he figured out how to cheat and would stop, wait for me to turn by back then do a tight little turn! Goof!

blog 3As soon as Sally had a paddock, he was back in. Thank goodness, because I was having major withdrawals ! I haven’t been able to ride him in 3 weeks! He moved back on Monday and I rode him yesterday and he was fine! Granted, Alex did put a hard ride on him on Monday for me! I was still able to ride him! He only whinnied once in theย arena and that was it! Britney and I gave him a nice long lunge, then we groomed and tacked up, then Britney rode, then I finally climbed onto my steed! It was a great feeling! He listened so good! We did parts of our old walk dressage test to get him back into the groove of it. Then I tried trotting, his trot is very difficult for me and it is very frustrating. I have no idea what to do! I’ve tried with stirrups, I’ve tried without stirrups. I have no idea how when he was at PARDS I trotted the whole arena without stirrups! I think I might have to put the trotting on hold for a bit until I start lessons again because that initial hop into the trot gets me every time!

We finished off by walking over poles, and trying to do some lateral work. This workedchicken better! My right side of my body is tight, so for side stepping I can use my right side of my body to my advantage! Even though I can only get him to sort of do it, this was our first try in almost a year! I’d say he did pretty well!

After we were finished, Britney helped me off Manny. I was going to walk with him, but my legs were like jelly so I just stood with him for a bit, then Britney helped me to my chair. We untacked Manny and he was very sweaty so I let him have a good roll before we groomed him and walked him back to his paddock.

Once I passed the mud hole, I took Manny. We, of course, took some selfies in his paddock, then I attempted to untie his rope halter. Once he was free, I looked over, and there were chickens in his paddock! At least I know they don’t spook him!



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