Best Day Ever!

Every day with Manny is a good day, but June 2 was a fabulous day! Manny and I (with the help of my amazing sidekick Britney) did things that I expected to take a lot longer do get! But, we’ll get to that in a bit!

So, Britney and I headed out for the farrier to work on Manny. We went and got him from his paddock and I lead him to the barn. Britney held him while the farrier (Britni) worked on him, while I played with the dog! Manny was being a bit of a brat with not wanting to keep his foot on the hoof stand  Eventually he got his stuff together and figured out that if he just stood, he would be done a lot faster and go to work. After Britni was done, she suggested that if I’m going to be riding him lots this summer, that I should get front shoes put on him again, so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing!

After he was done, we stopped at the van to grab my saddle and headed down to the arena for a ride. Britney lunged him first, then I took him down to the other end of the arena to lunge him. As I was walking him on the line, I thought that I wanted to try to canter him with me lunging him! The last time I did this, he almost pulled me out of my wheelchair so I was a bit nervous. We are working with him so that when he’s trotting and I say, “and walk” he just walks. Sometimes he needs a tug on the lunge line and if he’s on the side of the circle that he likes to cut, there’s to much slack in the line for me to tug. That’s when Britney steps in! Britney came in the middle with me. We gave him a quick remember of what “woah” means then I asked Manny to walk, he walked. I asked for trot, he trotted. When me was just coming out from behind me, on the right side, I said “canter” and Britney flicked the whip and he cantered with me lunging him!! It was a very smooth transition. He didn’t pull to hard or do anything funny. Just a nice canter! It was awesome!

He cantered a couple laps. Then I said “and walk” and he came back down and of corse got a cookie! I wanted to try cantering him without Britney there. So we got Manny back out on the circle walking, and Britney stepped out. I asked Manny to trot, he trotted. Asked for walk. He walked. I asked for canter and kissed, and he continued to trot! That’s okay though! Him cantering with me on the end of the lunge line is new for him and I. We’ll get there!

Then we gave him a brush and tacked up. Sally came down shortly after to help get me on. I decided to have my right arm tied as I was going to be doing some dressage with Manny and I haven’t done very much with him in a couple months. So Britney wrapped my arm in the middle, high, and low! It was not escaping today, then we were off!

We walked around to get both the dancing donkey and pilot limbered up. Then we started. Down center line, serpentine, half circle left/right 10 m diameter, free walk. We actually did pretty well considering we haven’t done those manuevers in almost a year!

The other horse that I ride, I can get to sidepass like I dream! So, I tried with Manny. I can get his front end going! His back-end however, is a different story! If anybody has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I rode for probably an hour. Mentally I could have went longer. Physically though, I felt like I was going to fall off so I decided that dismounting was a good option. So I parked Manny and Britney helped me side down. Then it happened. Manny let me walk up by his neck and lean on him and didn’t move! Usually when I get up by his face, he tries to scratch on me or back up. NOT TODAY! I was able to give him a standing hug!!

Then Britney helped me back in my chair because my legs were like jelly! We untacked Manny, gave him a groom and I lead him back to his paddock. I love my #happyhemphorse !!

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