Lunging, Cantering, and Wipeout!

IMG_0134I went out to the barn on the 19th with Britney and what fun that was!! My wonderful friend Shauna came out to the barn with us to take some pictures of the boy and I! When we got out to Sally’s and Britney packed the saddle and I took the boy.  When we got down to the arena, Shauna showed up. We started grooming him, then a few people came to use the arena so I wasn’t able to lunge Manny first. I haven’t rode him without being lunged since our show in 2015! Shauna held Manny and lined him up to the block and Britney helped me up. I got my left foot in the stirrup, went to lean on Manny’s neck (like always) and he put his head down and I went boom! I fell like a ton of bricks. I’m so happy Manny doesn’t spook at falls. He just stood there like as if to say, “ah mom? Your supposed to be up here!”

Anyway, Britney picked me up out of the dirt. Shauna lined up Manny and we successfully tried again!

After I was on my trusty steed, Britney wrapped my arm up and we were set! We IMG_0133started walking around as a warm up as there were people riding. After they left we started with serpentine, walk hault, backup, sidestep and a bit of trot! Until I almost fell off again.  That trot of his is crazy! I need severe help with it. That’s ok though! As soon as we move I have a coach lined up! I’m excited to start taking lessons with him again! It’s frustrating knowing that I trotted him around the whole PARDS arena a year ago and now I can’t even make it down the long side. But! Between Bryce at the gym, riding lots and getting lessons I hope we’ll get it. Next thing is to canter after I nail his trot!

I probably rode for about an hour. I wanted to ride longer but my legs were killing me and I had nothing left in them. I’m surprised I didn’t fall again! I still can’t dismount Manny on my own in this saddle. That’s the only downfall to it. But, just like his trot, I’ll get it again!

IMG_0136After Britney helped me off Manny, I walked up his neck to the right side of him, hooked my handy little bucket hanger and carabeaner to it and Manny walked me back to my chair (with Britney as backup just in case)!

Once I was back in my chair, we untacked. Then I got the lunge line and lunged him on the line and we worked on canter! Then I wanted to free lunge him as a haven’t done that in a few months! Manny did awesome! He listened excellent considering we go that mostly by voice, we will definitely be doing that more!!

After we were done, I got Manny to follow me at a walk for a cool down then I took him back to his paddock. His rope halter is so much easier for me to undo when Manny keeps his head down long enough!!

I need his head up to mount and dismount and down for all the other things! I’m  such a confusing horse mom!



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