An Unexpected Day

IMG_0156On the 4th, Britney and I went to go work with Manny and go for a ride. Well, this did not go as planned and turned into a scary day.

It started out like any other day. Britney carried the saddle and I grabbed Manny’s halter from the barn and we went to grab the big guy. Now something really random happened. I was carrying the halter and lead rope when somehow, the lead rope got stuck in my chair. Right where the mud flap and the chair meet. There is a cover on the top of my wheel that connects to the chair so we couldn’t pull in up the top, and we couldn’t pull it out the side while the rope was zip tied. Thank goodness Sally has scissors in her barn  because we had to cut the zip tie then pull the lead rope though my wheel; talk about wheelchair barn problems!

After we got that problem situated, we went and got Manny! Britney put his halter on and I took him down to the arena. We started lunging him and that’s when the problems started. He was fine trotting but as soon as I cantered him, he started coughing. And not a normal cough. His cough sounded deep and harsh. Like something was stuck. He only coughed like that at the canter but every time he would walk or anything, he’s nose would drip like crazy and he was sneezing. We called Laurie then Britney’s mom and she said to call the vet because of what happened to her horse. So that’s what I did.

I talked to the receptionist and she said she would call the vet so just stay with him. In the mean time, we groomed him, took him for a walk, and avoided his snaughty sneezes. Which I will tell you that I am at just the right height in my chair to receive the full force of Manny’s sneeze. One word. Gross. Just gross. I had a snaught loogy on the underside of my helmet visor. That helmet came off real fast!

As we were grooming him, the vet clinic called back. She said to take him out of the indoor arena and see if that made a difference and if it didn’t, call them back.

We took him out, let him eat some grass, and then took him for a hand walk up the driveway. He seemed fine, so we took him back to his paddock. Nothing seemed different. He was eating so we went to clean my stuff out of the arena, pack some move of his stuff to go home, then we left.

I texted Sally to let her know what was going on with the boy and she said the same thing was happening to Kody!

A couple days later, Britney and I went back out and Manny was fine. We narrowed it down to a reaction to the 5 way vaccination that Laurie and I gave him on Saturday the first because a few days later he was back to his spunky self!

We went back out yesterday and based on that you wouldn’t have even known that he had a cough! But that’s another story!


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