First Ride in the New Home 

So! As most of you know, Manny has made the big move to PARDS to be a boarder horse! This is another new beginning for us! Manny is fully rehabilitated. No more having do drag him up and down that hill to get him stronger. No more worrying if he’s going to not be able to ride and worrying about him retiring like there was in the first few months I owned him.
Now I can focus on me. Deciding if we want to go back into showing or not. Now I can figure out how I’m going to get to trot him around the arena on my own again. I can focus on making us a even better team! And best of all? I have a friend who is going to be my coach!!
On Friday, Laurie and I went for a ride and what happened was far from what I expected. As of Friday, Manny was boarded at PARDS for just under 3 days. He got there Wednesday at 4. I expected him to be way more anxious. Laurie got him off the trailer and he was an absolute gentleman! Even posed for a picture!!

Back to Friday! Because Manny is in quarantine, all his tack as to come home. So! We loaded up Laurie’s vehicle. I’m surprised we had room for us when we left my house! We had; my china chair, saddle, saddle pad, bridle, groom kit, reins, and her 3 step mounting block! We were packed to the nines! So we headed out!

When we got there, Laurie pulled her vehicle right up to Manny’s quarantine pen and we uploaded the chair. In my china chair next to Manny boy, let me tell you! I feel very tiny! I’m glad he always knows where I am when I’m beside him 😳!
After he was groomed, I asked Laurie if we were going to lunge him but she said he looked calm so we just tacked up and climbed on!
We figured out a way to get on without having Manny tied! We parked him between the panel and the block and Laurie and I danced up there.
Once we were up, I grabbed the reins and the buck strap, put my left foot in the stirrup and pushed while Laurie threw my leg over and I was up! Manny didn’t move! He didn’t put his head down. He just stood! Which was awesome! After I got settled, we tied my right arm down, Laurie put the lunge line through Manny’s bit and we went on a mini trail ride to the outdoor arena!!
I was nervous! The last ride at Sally’s, Manny spooked at a horse. A HORSE! 🙄 Such a nerd! But he was in a new environment, big trucks and graters moving, backing up, beeping, and he just looked around. Didn’t spook. Didn’t do anything! He just walked! Lately I feel my confidence lacking on horses. I have no idea why but this ride was a huge confidence boost!
We left Manny and I on the lunge line. We figured out how to close the mock gate and started walking 20m circles. Manny was awesome! Sure he was looking, everywhere but he was paying attention. Which was awesome!
Then we trotted 20 m circles on the lunge line. I don’t know if it was the sandy footing or what but Manny didn’t do his hop into the trot. He just trotted! I haven’t felt this trot in the almost 3 years I’ve known him! I can’t even describe what it felt like! He only scared the crap out of me once! I don’t know really what he did but I assumed he either got bit by a horse fly or saw something because he didn’t spook spook but he picked up the pace a bit and did something. I don’t even know what but he came back to walk very easily!
After this, we trotted up the long side, in hand, and again, Manny didn’t hop into his trot. He just trotted. I love this trot. It’s awesome! I can’t wait to ride next and see if he is as calm as he was on Friday and I’m curious to see if he just goes into the trot or hops into it! I’m just happy I didn’t fall off because my chair and the mounting back at his paddock 😂
Laurie and I were both dying of the heat beside the spruce trees so we decided to head back. Manny got sidetracked a little but all I had to do was shift my hand to the left rein and turn his head slightly left and that was it!
Once we were in the paddock I wanted to dismount on my own but Manny wasn’t focused and I wanted to end on a good note so Laurie helped me off and we undid the right clip on my reins (we modified them) and hung onto the saddle pad and Manny helped me walk to my chair.
He’s really annoying me with his head lately though. He’s head butting; trying to scratch on you. The last time he did this his halter got stuck on my chair. Talk about scary!! Not sure what to do. His chest is too far away to smack. Ideas?
But all and all it was an awesome first ride! We put more fly spray on and his new fly sheet and gave him some treats.
All in all, it was a great day! I’m so excited for tomorrow!! Hope for nice weather!!



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